Robert Rauschenberg retrospective exhibit at the SFMoMA

Robert Rauschenberg: Erasing the Rules exhibit

Retrospective exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMoMA) - Spring 2017

These are some of my favorite works that caught my eye when I saw this show. Rauschenberg is one of my favorite artists and it was awesome to see these artworks up close. Why is he on my list of favorite artists? Well, I love color (that’s stating the obvious right?!) and he used lots of it. I’m also inspired by how far his out of the box thinking took him off-the-canvas. He coined these artworks “combines” because he was combining painting and objects together. It’s also interesting to me how no two of his works look exactly the same, he definitely experimented, and yet, when I go to a museum I’ve never been to before, I can instantly recognize a work of his even though I’ve never seen it before. Experiences like this encourage me to be bold, take risks, experiment, and follow my impulses.

Do you see me? Museum selfie in the reflection of this painting.

I flipped out when I saw this. The famous erased De Kooning drawing by Robert Rauschenberg. Apparently it’s in their permanent collection, but I had never seen it on display before. I remember learning about this work in my contemporary art history class. Such a thrill to see it in person!