7th Annual St. George's Art Festival, Nashville, TN

I'm very excited to announce I have been selected to participate in the 7th Annual St. George's Art Festival in Nashville, TN.  The theme is 'Light' and their description of the theme spoke deeply to my heart... from their website: "... works of art that grow out of an engagement with a spiritual core and reflect the theme of “Light”. The pieces themselves do not have to portray a biblical story, theme, or even point to some particular Christian value but should show that the artist understands that his or her art grows out of a place of spiritual seeking or understanding."

The opening reception for the show is April 12, 2018 from 5pm to 7pm.  Please visit http://stgeorgesart.com/ for more information.

This is my painting, Silhouette, which has been selected for the show.

Silhouette  oil on canvas 30 by 40 Chloe Meyer rz.jpg